Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Miser Brothers are at it again

Dear Mother Nature,

Would you please have a talk with your sons, Heat and Snow? The boys are at it again!

Snowy is pulling a fast one on Heat and lately it has been cold here in Southeast Texas. It's not the cold I mind, but the lack of sunshine. I am in desperate need of some good old sun shinning right down on my face. There is something about sunshine and a good mood that just goes hand in hand. And the lack of has had me in a funk.

I know you are busy and have better things to do than referee your boys, but maybe if you could get them to ease up just a bit. I would be forever grateful. And so would my husband.

Thanks bunches!



Brooke said...

snowy visited us yesterday too. unfortunately he didn't stick around.

Unknown said...

Did it work? We have about a zillion inches of snow on the ground and we are supposed to get more soon... shoot me now!

Unknown said...

Can you please re send this letter? Thank you!