Monday, February 1, 2010

And here is where I ramble about my weekend

I told you last Friday about the rambling and about the not making much sense of all the thoughts running around in my head.

So get ready, and consider yourselves warned.

Friday I remember getting off work and coming home but after that...nothing. I can't remember what I did two days ago. TWO DAYS! Clearly it is a sign of one of two things. 1. I'm old and my memory is failing or 2. I lead a very boring life.

Saturday, R1 was schedule to have a baseball clinic for four hours but it was canceled due to all the rain we got on Friday and the fields were a mess. Secretly I was glad. We had so much to do and the boys needed to get their hair cut. Poor R1. He wants the surfer hair cut or style should I say, but all his hair does is get bushier and bushier until he looks like he has a fro! Kid you not. We tried a few summers ago to let it grow out and 4weeks into it I couldn't stand to look at it any longer.

After hair cuts, it was lunch at every kids second favorite place to eat. Chik-fil-a. The first being Chuck E Cheese. And no way was I going to Chuck E Cheese.

Oh my memory is coming back, Chuck E Cheese just reminded me we had Little Caesars Pizza for dinner Friday night. OK moving on.

Then it was a stop a EB Games to get some kind of free thing for R1 and Hubs' Pokemon games. I was just along for the rid for this part of our journey. After EB it was a quick drive thru at Walgreen's.

And then the big part of our trip. HEB, the grocery store. I have one word for the grocery store, even if it is my beloved HEB...UGH! I pushed the cart full of food and Hubs' pushed the boys in a separate cart. Seriously I know what you are thinking. Kids aged 9 and 5, in a cart, but it works. They are contained and kept busy by bringing their DSi's, and I get the shopping done.

My whole point to this rambling about the rock star life I lead is all of this running and driving took 5 hours. 5 HOURS!

I was so tired when we got home I can't remember what I did Saturday night. I think I fell asleep around 8:30. And some where in there I cleaned the bathrooms!

I warned you, rambling.

Sunday, we were a bad family, skipped church. Took Cookie, the dog, to the groomers. Hubs took R1 to baseball practice. R2 and I cleaned the house, walked our selves and the dog around the block. Did the laundry and cooked dinner. Yes folks, I cooked dinner. But only because Hubs' asked me to make his favorite. Chicken Fried Steak.

Made these awesome potatoes to, but that will be my post for tomorrow. Because right now I am EXHAUSTED.

So what did y'all do this weekend?


Brooke said...

woot! for falling asleep at 8:30. i'm not to proud to admit that i enjoy every bit of sleep I get!!

mine was a fun filled weekend of packing, cleaning, packing some more, and cleaning some more. :P

Beth Cotell said...

Snow, snow, snow is what we did this weekend. I don't like snow and I'm ready for it to be gone. And the kids will be out of school tomorrow as well. Where is the sunshine?????

Soliloquy said...

I spent the weekend in my favorite parenting mode. Watching TV with my kids. Gilmore Girls with Nina. Psych with Stink.

It's quality (or at least quantity) time I can't screw them up in.