Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Zoo

Last week while we were on spring break Hubs and I took the boys to the Houston Zoo.

We usually go to the zoo sometime in June or July, when it's about 127 degrees outside. It's so hot that even the animals don't want to be there.
Most of the animals are not out and the ones that are, are just lying around because when you weigh 500lbs and have fur would you want to move around in the heat?

But this year we planned it. Go in March when the weather is beautiful. And that is just what it was. BEAUTIFUL.

The temperature was in the low 70's. We walked around and I didn't break a sweat once. There was even a slight breeze.

But best of all the animals were out. All of them. And much to my surprise, it was mating season. I guess when the weather man said it was spring fling time, he meant it.

As we were walking along we came upon the flamingos and swans. And guess what the swans were mating! R1 looked at me and asked why one swan was trying to push the other under the water. I told him I didn't know and suggested that we keep walking.

Later we ran into some friends who had just come from the frog exhibit and they said the same thing. They to were breeding.

There were several other animals that were feeling the love too. I just kept telling the boys, oh aren't they nice, lets keep moving.

Over all the day was great and everyone had a good time. But I have to admit my favorite part of the day was going to eat Mexican food at Pappasito's. They have the best fajitas served with this garlic butter sauce. And their hot sauce is a food group all it's own.

OK now I want some chips and hot sauce.

Y'all have a great day!


Brooke said...

ooh fajitas! i think i'll have that for dinner.

and lol @ "spring fling" 2010. :P when my family and i went to the aquarium last i snapped a pic of the turtles going at it. mature i know :D

The Charm House said...

Ok... For the longest your blog has said that it was not available to me. You write me, I respond and here I am... What happened to me???? That's what you get for not writing to me for so long.. LOL
I have to now go back and catch up on what's going on with you and yours.
Love you!