Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shine on baby!

Well this wasn't the topic I was going to talking about but with the events from last night I couldn't help myself. While I was getting my hair done for my latest fashion shoot..yeah just kidding. I was getting my hair done and hubby was home with the sick child. Our friends S & G picked up R7 for baseball practice. They are both such an inspiration to me. They love God and their family and it shows. We share common beliefs on how to raise our children. I love hanging out with them and their four kids, H,J,and the twins(a boy and girl) M&M. I am truly blessed to have them in my life. OK now that I have rambled on about them back to the story. Anyway their youngest son M is on the same team as R7 so G picked him up for me and took him to practice. So I get home after the fashion shoot and R7 isn't home yet but I get a call from the coaches wife asking if he has made it home. I tell her no and then ask why. She says well he had a little trouble today but he is fine. We put ice on it and it shouldn't swell to bad. GREAT and then ask what kind of trouble. Before she could answer I cut her off and told her that G is pulling in the drive way and I would call her back. So out of the truck R7 comes with the biggest shiner on his left eye! Now normally I am not the calmest person in the world when it comes to big accidents happening to my kids. I will have to post about an ER trip 2 Thanksgiving's ago when R3 wasn't quite 2. But I have had experience with this before. It seems every season doesn't "officially" start until R7 gets hit in the face by a ball. G was quick to apologize and I told him it happens and not to worry, no bleeding and no trip to the ER, all is good. What I didn't think about until after he left was if R7 was playing catcher with a face mask on how did this happen. So I called the coaches wife to let her know all was fine and to get more details. The team was taking in field practice so R7 apparently didn't have all of his gear on. I also didn't know that it was M who threw the ball to R7, who wasn't watching, and hit him. Guess that got his attention. But that also explains why G kept apologizing. So I called G&S and told them he was fine and was actually proud of his new look. So with out further ado here is a picture of the catcher with his shiner.

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