Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did you know that I have yellow tears?

It's the icky slimy stuff that usually comes out of ones nose when they have cold or sinus infection. This morning it coming out of my eyes. Yes you heard me, my eyes. I awoke to the sound of the alarm clock only I couldn't open my eyes to see it. They were both matted shut. NASTY! So up out of bed and to the bathroom I go to wash my eyes. Once I was finally able to open them, I wanted to shut them back because they were burning so bad. But hence they were shut. Swollen so much they looked like they were still shut. Well after much coaxing with some steam from the shower my eyes finally opened. But when I looked in the mirror all I saw were two very puffy lines where my eyes were supposed to be. I proceed to find the eye drops but when I found the bottle it was empty. NOOOOOOOOOOO! My eyes were on fire and needed relief. I looked high and low and looked even for some drops that were prescribe to my son. But none were to be found. So after getting dressed I headed out to Walgreen's and bought some allergy eye drops but that didn't even help. I got to work and called the doctors office when they opened at nine and made an appointment. The only thing was they couldn't see me until 3:30 this afternoon. OK so I muddled through the day and finally I walked into the doctors office at 3:15. I was hoping if I got there early they could take me right back. Well after the usual pre-office visit exam, Gina my doctor came back. Yes we are on a first name basis and I just love her. She took one look at me and said your sinuses are a mess and have backed up into your tear ducts. Like I said before, NASTY! Oh yeah I even had a fever. So after a brief catch up I received the usual shot in the hip. Ahhh nothing like a steroid shot that stings and sits there burning for the next 4 hours. I also received a prescription for a Z-Pak and eye drops. Then Gina did as she always does. Loaded me up on samples. No need for extra prescripts. I am now the proud owner of about 30 Allegra-D and 2 bottles of nose spray. YEAH GINA. Good ole' Southeast Texas weather. It changes every 3 hours so you never know what you are going to end up with. Me...I got the the usual a sinus infection from rhymes with well, smell, tell, and...

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