Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Game 5 and some food

WOO HOO, the Rangers won game 5!!! I know y'all are up set about me not blogging about game 5 but I have to admit, I was just to tired. The game wore me out! All I can say is Mike Napoli is having one heck of series. He's on fire!

Game 6 Wednesday night in St. Louis. LETS GO RANGERS!!

OK on to the food part. Sunday I have no idea what got into me but I wanted to cook. Cook like good food. So I went to the best food source I know. PINTEREST. Yes the same site I told y'all about last month. It's awesome.

Anyway there were a few recipes that I had "liked or pinned"

First recipe on the list was Parmesan Knots. You can go here for the recipe. But here are a few pictures of my finished product. These didn't last long.

Next I made shrimp and past with sun dried tomato cream sauce. I changed this recipe up just a bit. I added shrimp. Johnny Carino's makes this Spicy Shrimp and Chicken dish that is to die for and this is just a toned down version. And Hubs does not care for penne pasta very much so I used angel hair. You can go here for this recipe. It was fabulous!! I took left overs for lunch on Monday and it was even better.

Finally for dessert I picked out strawberries and angel food cake drizzled with chocolate sauce. I kinda doctored this recipe too. I cut the strawberries and cake into bite size pieces and then mixed them together in a small baking dish and then poured Hershey's chocolate sauce on them and put it in the fridge to chill. It's gone. No left overs!

All three of these were a huge hit!! I see them again in our future.

Oh and don't forget GO RANGERS!!

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{amy} said...

Yummy! I love Pinterest & have made several things I've found on there, too!

Go Rangers!!