Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday night was a blur

Happy Halloween!

Well The Rangers didn't win the World Series. But I'm sure y'all knew that.

I was so pumped after we scored 2 runs to make it 2 to 0. But alas the baseball Gods were not on our side.

I downloaded several apps on my phone to make sure I was covered. I wanted to know what was going on play by play.

I even shared my baseball knowledge with a friend of mine. He was rooting for The Rangers to or else I hate to say it, he would have been out of luck!

Let me just say I was excited for Lance Berkman. If anyone deserves to have a World Series ring, it's him. Watching him after the game was almost worth the Rangers losing. Almost.

There was so much going on Friday night. World Series game 7, pregame football activities-aka Senior Night, and half time performance. All the seniors involved in Friday night activities get escorted on to the field by their parents. I have a great picture of my friend Beth, her husband, and their son, Nick, but my computer does not want to cooperate with me right now. Sorry.

I even have a few pictures of R1 and his halftime performance. Which by the way he did great. I was one proud mama!

OK that's all I've got since I still can't get the pictures to load. I hope everyone had a great weekend!


{amy} said...

I agree with you about Lance. He deserved a win. And Pujols loves Jesus, so I like that he won, too! {Yes, I'm weird like that!} But Nolan Ryan's face made me sad! :( & I really wanted a Texas team to win!! :/

{amy} said...

Oh, and I have a little crush on Hamilton. So I'm sad that he didn't win!