Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Fan

Friday night at the high school football game one of our local stations had the football announcer make an announcement (yeah OK that just sounds dumb to me. What else would an announcer do, make the donuts?) that they were looking for a fan with the most spirit and to meet them down on the track if they thought they had what it took to be a "super fan".

Well my shy child, NOT, R2 asked if he could go down on the track and talk to her. I told him yes and I walked him down to be interviewed.

And low and behold they put my sweet baby on the news!

He did very well. I would put the link up but the TV station is very sporadic when it comes to stuff like this. (Maybe this is why we don't normally watch said TV station.)

Any way here is the monologue...

TV girl (TVG): Hi, What is your name? R2: R2

TVG: How old are you? R2: 6

TVG: Who are you rooting for? R2: The _______. (He did say the name.)

TVG: Why are you cheering for them? R2: Because they're our best team.

TVG: What's your favorite part about football? R2: Gettin' a touch down!

TVG: Do you have a touchdown dance? R2: He shakes his head no. TVG: Do you want to make one up with me? R2: NO!

TVG: Do you cheer up in the stands: R2 Yes! TVG: What do you say when you cheer? R2: GO ----!!!

It was to cute! And the best part was we were home to watch. The TVG said it would be on after news but the world series was going on and they wouldn't show the news till it was over. Lets just say they finally showed the clip at 11pm.

If the station doesn't put it up soon. I might just have to resort to playing the clip and recording it with my phone and then posting it. Just sayin'.

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{amy} said...

I bet the clip is adorable! :)