Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unexpected Blessing

Y'all know we are in an education budget crunch right now.

And with that comes cut backs and so on.

One of the things Hubs' school district decided to cut last year before renewing anyone's contract was their longevity pay. The school district would pay their employees "X" number of dollars for every year they worked there. They would always pay in one lump sum and always the first Monday in December. It was a nice Christmas bonus to add what we had already saved during the year.

The school district didn't really didn't stop the program but decided to suspend it until the financial situation improved.

Monday night the school district had their monthly board meeting and decided that since the money they had budgeted for longevity pay was still sitting in the account, they would go ahead and give the teachers their pay, just like they have in the past.

Hubs received and email late Monday from the Superintendent telling him about this decision.

What an unexpected blessing and Christmas will be a little merrier this year.


Brooke said...

that's awesome! :) *\o/* every little bit helps these days

{amy} said...

That's awesome! I love when God surprises us with unexpected blessings!!