Monday, November 14, 2011

A Day

Beep Beep Beep it's 5:00AM and the alarm is going off. I hit the snooze button three more times before I get up. My day has begun.

Shower, make-up, get dressed. Wake up Hubs and the boys. It's now 6:30AM

They get dressed and I make their breakfast and then their lunch.

7:00AM I tell them to get finish up and go brush their teeth, they are going to be late.

HURRY!! GET YOUR BACKPACKS AND DON'T FORGET TO PUT ON YOUR SHOES! I love you. Do good on your test. Have a great day and learn something!

It's now 7:20AM and I am running out the door myself. Trying to get to work on time.

8:00AM. Work and school for the next eight hours and some where in there, lunch.

3:15PM school is out. Boys are happy, it's play time! Next it's 5:00PM and I'm on my way home.

Hubs has been home and is cooking dinner. It's 6:00PM and we sit down to eat as a family.

Then comes the rush of homework, clean up dinner dishes, bath time, reading time, and then TV time. It's 8:00PM.

9:00PM Prayer time and bed time.

And sometime between now and 10:00PM it's my time. To relax, wash clothes, watch TV, or just talk with Hubs.

Beep Beep's 5:00AM again.

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