Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh my aching feet

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours ended up being pretty quiet.

Friday Beth, Alex, and I went on our annual Black Friday shopping extravaganza. I set the alarm for 4:35AM. Yes you read that right, 4:35AM. And the truth is I hit the snooze button, twice. Once I got up and got moving I was OK.

Anyway, the three of us left my house 5:40AM and our first stop was Exxon gas station by my house to get a large dose of caffeine in BIG styrofoam cup filled with Cherry Coke. Some of us even purchase a package of cinnamon rolls. Just to clarify, that would not be me.

After that it was on to Target. We got there and the parking lot wasn't even packed. There was also an abundance of shopping carts. Once in the store it was more of the same. We moved among the aisles freely. Not bumping into anyone or anything. It was very different from last year. Last year we couldn't even move. And to check out there was a line and it was snaked up and down the HBA (health and beauty aids) aisles. This year I got what I needed and we walked right up to a check out line.

After talking to the cashier, our suspicions were correct. All of the crazies were out at midnight when the store opened. Next it was on to Best Buy. I needed to get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 for R1. Best Buy had them on sale for $4.99 and $6.99. Target had them for $14.99 each. And I also needed to look for a cheap MP3 player for R2. My dad was going to buy him and iPod Shuffle but I was afraid he would break it and I didn't want to cough up the $50.00 to replace it. So we'll see how this works out. On a side note, I strongly dislike Best Buy. I have never had a good experience, except the time they gave us the whole entire Rock Band package and we only ordered the disc and when I took it back to tell them, they insisted I had the correct stuff. So basically we spent $60.00 for a package worth $200.00. But that is another story and I think I even blogged about it when it happened 3 years ago.

And to show you how correct I am. I asked the sale guy to show me the cheapest MP3 players they had. He walks me to the other side of the aisle and says this is all we have and this one is $25.00. I say thank you, but I'll keep looking. Hubs had told me their website had one for $14.99 and that is what I really wanted. And guess what, the sales guy was wrong because I walked around the aisle again and found an MP3 for $20.00. So obviously it was NOT the cheapest one they had. I grabbed it up and put it in my cart and headed for the check out. Once again the shopping fairies were shinning on me, no wait to check out. Walked up and heard the magic words... I can help the next customer in line.

I know post had become rather long so I'll get on with it. Here is a list of the other stores we hit while shopping.

American Eagle
Forever XXI
JC Penney
Bath and Body Works
Radio Shack
Wet Seal
Ya-Ya Club
Children's Place
Dress Barn
Hobby Lobby
Party City
Pier One
Shoe Carnival
Bed Bath and Beyond

By the time we hit Kroger my feet had given out some where between Dress Barn and Bed Bath and Beyond. I even had on tennis shoes. They were throbbing and in much need of a pedicure. Really more like a foot massage.

We had to hit Kroger because Beth needed a few staples, such as sausage biscuits, dog food, coffee, milk, orange juice, coffee cake, and paper towels. And while I was pursuing the aisles with her I spotted something Hubs loves and I have been unable to find for quiet sometime. IBC Black Cherry drinks. Kroger had 4 cases and I showed some restraint and only purchased 2 cases. Mind you there are only 6 in a case, so I walked out with a total of 12 small glass bottles. But he was deliriously happy when I sent him a picture of the case on the store shelf.

By the time we left Kroger and pulled back into my drive way we had been gone 13 hours. Not our record for shopping, but pretty darn close.

It was a great day and I made a huge dent in my shopping. I only have two things left to get. Not to shabby. Oh and guess what else, I spent part of Sunday wrapping everything.

And just in case you were wondering, I spend the entire day on Saturday, sitting on my butt watching TV and resting my feet. They were still throbbing.


{amy} said...

Good for you!! We spent a good portion of the day shopping for furniture! I think I've only bought 5 presents. I have to get busy!!

Brooke said...

what a day!! i love that sausage biscuits are in the "food staples" category! :P