Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My life is interrupted by Gods divine intervention

So I've been gone from here for a few days, sorry. It's all been part of my life interrupted. I have seen God in the small moments, the divine intervention moments, but I am still trying to see him in the over all picture. How did someone else see God through my life's interruptions.

It seems ever since one of my best friends, Beth, began this bible study by Priscilla Shirer, title Jonah, A Life Interrupted, it has been one thing after another for both of us. She even called me one day asking me if I thought she was crazy doing a study about life's interruptions. My reply was an immediate yes! I probably wouldn't have even given much thought to the interruptions if not magnified the daily lessons during the bible study.

My life has been interrupted by car trouble. Several car issues I might say.

A list if you will.
1. Brake light sensor was starting to go out and Hubs had to replace the part. Not to expensive and only took about 10 minutes to repair.
A BIG expensive repair. A sensor went out in my transmissions causing damage. Enough said, moving on.
3. Got car back and front right fender area was making a chirping sound and the wheel was clicking. (I knew what that clicking sound meant. I had heard it before on Hubs' car, not good) The only thing was the car was not making these sound before it was repaired.
4. Took car in on Thursday and they fixed all the issues. A loose bolt was causing all of the noises and if not fixed it would have lead to a broke CV joint. (hence the clicking sound I heard)
5. Friday I went to leave for lunch and the battery was dead in my car. I know go ahead and say it. I did. UGH!!! So Saturday Hubs took the battery out of my car and back to the place where we purchased it two years earlier. They looked it up in their system and I purchased the battery on October 16, 2009 and Saturday was October 8, 2011. The business offers a two year warranty on their batteries. All I had to pay was a $3.00 state fee and I got a new battery.

I see the divine intervention in me having to bring the car back in. The repair was a warranty issue and didn't cost me anything but my time. I also see the divine intervention in the battery issue. Had it gone bad after the 16th I would have had to spend $80.00 to get a new battery instead of just $3.00.

I'm really hoping all of my car troubles are behind me. I think I have had enough character building experiencing with car trouble, but God may think other wise. We'll see. Through out all of this I have been praising Gods name. I have been thanking Him for the interruptions. I have been giving him all the glory He is so deserving of. I even got on my knees in my living room thanking Him for the warranty repair.

I know there will be many more interruptions during my life.
Maybe it was me who was supposed to see God working. I know this was his way of bringing me closer to Him. Maybe He wanted me to feel Him all around me, to see Him so clearly.

All I know is this, my Lord and savior will be right next to me. Holding me, giving me strength, guiding me. comforting me, and showing me just how real He is during His divine intervention.


Brooke said...

how awesome that you actually get to see how what you perceive as an annoyance is actually God working for your benefit with the battery issue. :)

Mari said...

I find that often, the things thand a real annoyances to me , end up being a blessing to me. They are God things!

{amy} said...

It's so good to see Him in the interruptions! I'm often too busy whining about my circumstances to see His hand in them! I had a little radiator issue over the weekend ~ what's the deal with car trouble?!

Beth said...

I still think I'm crazy, but it's been worth it!