Thursday, October 20, 2011

A house divided

Yes folks it World Series time! I'm VERY happy. Those of you that know me know I have a deep love a baseball.

The Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals are in the world series. First game is going on right now as type this. The score is 2 to 3 Cardinals. The Cardinals actually just scored to make it 2 to 3.

And my house is very much divided for this world series. Me, I love my Astros but alas they are not in the series, which leave me to root for the team that is, the Texas Rangers.

Hubs can not and I repeat CAN NOT stand the Rangers, so he is pulling for the Cardinals. And because Lance Berkman is playing for the Cardinals R1 is pulling for them as well. And well R2 he's gonna take his dad and brothers side so that really leaves just me cheering for the Rangers.

And once the series is over the tape will come down and the house will be harmonious again.

But for now GO RANGERS!!!

Rangers lost to the Cardinals tonight. 2-3. It was a great first game. I'm ready for game 2!


Brooke said...

i'm so far out of the loop i didn't even know it was world series time! enjoy :)

Tater Mama said...

I have to root for the Cardinals, too. Memphis has a minor league team, the Redbirds, and their parent team is St. Louis. The Redbirds' outfit here is top-notch, so we're for all things Cardinal-related. Anyhoo, David and Tater Tot are leaving in about an hour for tonight's game with David's dad, brother, and nephew. Needless to say, Tater Tot has been sitting on the sofa with his backpack, ready to go, for about 30 minutes. :)

{amy} said...

I'm with you in rooting for the Rangers! Not being in the same league as the Astros, I never had a hard time rooting for them when I lived in Dallas (except of course, when they played the Astros)! If the Astros really do switch to the American League, I'll have to reconsider!