Monday, October 24, 2011

World Series Continues

Yes interpeeps the Word Series is still going on. We are currently in game 4. Which is being played right now.

Hello my name is RRMAMA and yes I am addicted to baseball. World Series baseball.

I won't even mention game 3. It was sad. So pitiful. I lost it after the call at first baseball. He was clearly out. And I know the call didn't make or break the game but it's just the point of the whole thing. HE WAS OUT! Hubs said he won't watch baseball with me anymore because I scream at the TV way to much.

OK moving on.

It's the bottom of the 7th and the score is 1-0 Rangers. I'm hoping we can hold them off to win this game.

On another note I made a few recipes from PINTEREST for dinner tonight. Parmesan knots, chicken with sun dried tomato sauce and fresh strawberries and angel food cake drizzled with chocolate sauce. It was YUMMY!

I have pictures and all but you know the World Series is going on and I can't multi task this late in the day. And game 5 is tomorrow so I probably won't put them up then either. Just being honest. But as soon as we have break I will blog about it and put up the pictures.

WOO HOO!! Mike Napoli just hit a three run homer to make the score 4-0 Rangers!!

OK, I gotta go, this game is getting good!



RANGERS WON!! 4-0 Shut our the Cardinals tonight! I'm super pumped!!


{amy} said...

Your fb & blog posts about the games are making me smile! :) Go Rangers!!

Brooke said...

go cards! oh wait...


me<---Angels and Yankees fan