Sunday, May 18, 2008

Talent Show

The talent show on Thursday was fun! R7 did a great job of being the MC for the event. I even have him singing along with one of the songs.

Friday was field day and I took the day off so I could be there. R7 and I have a tradition we started when he was in kindergarten. After field day was over we would spend the day together doing what ever he wanted. The first year we played putt putt and went to the mall so he could be hooked up to some sort of contraption and jump what I thought was about 1,000 ft in the air on a trampoline. I am sure this was a totally safe thing for him to do. The next year he wanted to come home and do nothing but watch TV. OK so this year he wanted to go eat Mexican food and then go the batting cages. This would have been a great idea but the cages didn't open until 3:00 pm. So I drug him to the next best place. A trip through the car wash and then to the grocery store. FUN! I know he was totally bored with both. But I got my car cleaned and didn't have to fight with R3 at HEB.

We did do something fun as a family that afternoon. We went to see Narnia. It was fantastic. (what I saw of it) R7 was glued to the movie and didn't budge. R3 well lets just say that we won't be taking him to a movie again until he is 27! I saw the inside of the bathroom at least 44 times. OK not that many but may be 14 or 15. I really didn't mind. I would rather go up and down stairs than have and accident. The funny part is every time we would make this trip to potty world, he really did have to go. You moms know just what I am talking about.

Anyway, that's about it. Here are a few pictures from field day. The tug-o-war event was fun and so was the noodle race.

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