Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend part 2 *updated*

Before I get to the details of the weekend let us pause to pray this Memorial Day for our veterans and soldiers. It is because of them we have this day.

OK, like I said we went to the lake for the weekend. We left Friday afternoon. It really was a great weekend aside from the one major problem we had on Saturday and I will get to that later.

Sister in law and her family were at the lake with us at the in-laws house. The boys love hanging out with their cousins. We got up early Saturday morning. Big Guy made pancakes for everyone. He is the best pancake maker ever! Then we all headed out to the dock and got on the boat. The kids had a blast riding the tube and skiing. They even tried something new...wake boarding.

We came in just long enough to eat lunch and then back out they went. I took R3 to the swimming pool. R7 and my niece came along with us. We didn't get back to the house until around 4-4:30. We were all tired and wanted to rest.

We had BBQ for dinner and then we watched the video mother in law took of all the kids during the day. It was funny to watch. Her camera skills were lets just say challenged with the waves and all.

Sunday was more of the same. Boat, tube, skiing, and I even got in the tube. R3 rode the tube again. I must say this. He can't swim! Yes he had on his life jacket all of the time we were in the boat. The tube is fits two people so R3 had someone with him all the time but He can't swim! Big Guy would do nothing to hurt R3 ever, but he sure did give this mama heart failure. I know we, meaning me, Hubs, sister and brother in law would all just in after him but I'm just saying.

He loved it y'all! He kept screaming,"go faster Big Guy, go faster" He never did. He knew my mama heart couldn't handle it. I would have past smooth out on the boat. R3 never did want to get out of the tube.

We came home today, a little bit more tan than when we arrived. OK a little bit more red. I put sun screen on the kids. But I needed some color. I got what I wanted but I wanted tan not red. Today it has turned pink so hopefully in a day or two it will be a nice golden brown color.

Oh yeah the Saturday afternoon bummer. The A/C went out in my car. Anyone who lives any where in the south knows you can not go with out A/C. It went out Saturday afternoon on our five minute ride back to the in laws from the swimming pool. To say the least the hour and half ride home today was hot even with the windows down. Needless to say my car will be taken in to have the A/C fixed tomorrow.

The A/C wont be fixed till tomorrow, they had to order the part. Do they know that it is 150* outside? Hurry UPS hurry!
Oh well, here are some pictures of us at the lake.

1st and 2nd picture above is of R7 and my niece

3rd picture is R3 and my nephew. 4th picture is R3, my niece, and myself

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