Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Guitar Hero Mama

I love me some Guitar Hero. Hubs bought it around Christmas after he won a Play Station 3 at MY company Christmas party. He would play and I would be like can you hurry up an episode of Deadliest Catch is on.

Well not to long after that we started to get together with a group of friends at least once a month to just hang out. The first time was at our house. The Hubs broke out Guitar Hero and my friend T went nuts. She said that she loved this game and has it for their Wii. So she proceeds to play and I must say she rocked! Me, I would get booed of the stage. Oh the shame y'all.

It was at this point I was determined to learn how to play the stupid video game. Oh once I learned how to play the game is anything but stupid. I am formally apologizing to Hubs right here and now. I love this game. I became addicted. I would play for hours at night. Only taking a break to eat dinner and put the kids to bed. I didn't even want to share this game with my kids. I know I was a bad mommy.

Well R7 decided that since his mama learned how to play that he would give it a try. I must say now the little darling is kicking my butt! I can play on easy and OK on medium. But me oh my he can play on medium. He is good. Hubs is good to. His best on Medium was missing only one note of a certain song to which our gerbil is named after.

I do have to throw this out there. R3 loves to get booed off the stage. He says "booed of the tage" He thinks he is so cool. He even does this little dance when his song ends. Almost like a touchdown end zone dance. I know what an end zone dance is even if I do hate football.

So last night the boys and I had a Guitar Hero battle. Hubs was gone working on a friends computer so he didn't get to par take in this glorious event. The boys and I had a blast taking turns playing. I even kicked some rock n roll butt. I played a song perfect. Not one note missed. I even thought about doing my own dance. But alas my victory was short lived. R7 reminded me I was playing on easy and that he could play everything on medium and finish in the green range on the Rock-O-Meter.

So in honor of R7 and his Guitar Hero greatness here are a few pictures from last night. Rock on baby. Rock On.

Here is one of Hubs I threw in just for fun.

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