Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ballpark right of passage

Eating sunflower seeds at the ballpark is a right of passage. Every year just before the season begins I get a craving for these things. I have to admit that David is the best brand. I have tried several others but nothing compares to David sunflower seeds. I even love their saying..Eat. Spit. Be happy. No they aren't paying me to say this but I wouldn't refuse some sunflower seeds if they sent them to my door. (hint, hint)

The boys and I buy seeds before every game . R7 likes the plain old regular flavor. R3 calls them flower seeds and he like BBQ the best. Me, well they came out with a new flavor this year. Are you ready? Dill Pickle. Oh yeah! I love me some Dill Pickle sunflower seeds. As a matter of fact I have some in my mouth right now.

Yes I would consider myself an experienced seed eater. I do just like they say one would do. I pop a handful, well not a handful about 10-12 in my mouth. Store them in one cheek and transfer one over to the other side. I crack the shell and eat the seed. But I don't spit the shell. So unlady like. (yeah like having a cheek full of sunflower seeds is lady like) I take the shell out with my fingers and throw it on the ground or in the trash can.

Along with several other moms I can eat a whole bag by myself. It must be a sight to see all of us moms sitting by the dugout in our chairs with our cheeks puffed out with seeds and "spitting".

So with that. Eat. Spit. Be happy.

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