Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blog addiction

I am so addicted. I don't even know how it started but I need help. Serious help. I am addicted to blogging. Yes I am.

I have about 10 blogs that I read every morning before starting my work day. (see my blog roll for said blogs) This is how the day starts for me. Instead of coffee to drink I read blogs. This takes up about and hour or so of my morning. Then I check them again at night while I am posting my own blog for the next day.

My addiction is growing. And growing fast. It started out at about two or three and it has steadily progressed from there. There are some very interesting interpeeps out there. They have me laughing, crying, smiling, and praying all the time. What wonderful peeps you are.

Hubs is getting worried that the computer just might suck me into bloggy world never to return me. I have assured him that if this happens the house cleaning fairy and laundry fairy will come by and take care of these things for him.

*note to self, email the fairies.

So with that I am off to read more blogs. Thanks interpeeps!

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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Oh, girl. Been there done that. My advice? Give yourself a time limit and don't read your computer before you've read your Bible. (this one ouch's me all the time)

It's a wonderful world out here but it totally can suck you in! :)))