Monday, May 19, 2008

Backyard Blackberries

Hi there interpeeps! I have been wanting to say that.

So R3 and I were in the back yard the other day and I noticed along our back property line there were several blackberry bushes. I can remember as a kid going into the field behind our neighborhood and bringing a bucket and filling it to the top with blackberries. I would go home and wash them and pour sugar all over them and eat them for hours. YUM!

So with the memory still fresh in my mind. I called R3 over to look at the bushes. We found a few ripe berries but most of them were still red. I told him in a couple of days they would be all black and we could pick them and eat them. He was so excited he started to run up and down the fence line.

Well today I noticed several had turned so I grabbed a small container and R3 and I made the rounds to all the bushes. We had that container filled in no time but we both kept eating them. Nothing like fresh blackberries.

We went in side got the sugar and together we poured it all over the berries. We then went back out into the yard and proceeded to eat all of them. He was so proud of himself. I told him we still had plenty of blackberries to pick but needed to save them till they were ripe. He said ta-mar-row we can pick them. I told him yes tomorrow we can pick them. Knowing full well we would be waiting a few more days. But check out the beautiful blackberry bushes in our backyard.

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