Monday, May 5, 2008

Prayers and Little Bunny Foo Foo

Every night when we sit down at the dinner table as a family, yes I know this may seem weird to some of you. But we eat as a family most nights in the dinning room. We let the boys decide if they want to say the blessing or let Hubs or myself do it. So tonight R3 said he would.

Keep in mind that he is 3. He started out by saying God is great, God is good, bless this food. Let Daddy feel better, let Little Bunny Foo Foo feel better, let Mommy feel better, let R7 feel better, just let every body feel better, Amen.

We were all like what, did he just pray for Little Bunny Foo Foo? It was so cute to listen to this child of mine pray. It didn't matter that he prayed for all of us to feel better even though tonight we are feeling fine or that he prayed for a nursery rhyme character. What mattered to me is he was praying. And in his little mind these are the things that were important to him at this moment. I was thankful he remember to pray for the food and to say Amen.

I remember when our children were born how I wanted to sit at the dinner table every night and have family time. We didn't have this when I was growing up and as an adult it is important to me. This was the time to discuss what happened during the course of our day. To find out what is going on with family or friends. To even share a glimpse of what God might have showed us this day. I am proud to say I have held my family to this and we eat dinner every night at the table.

I think it is important to teach your children to pray whether it be bed time prayers or dinner prayers or just to stop, be still, and pray. These are stepping stones to building a relationship with God. This is time to thank God for everything he has given to us and everything he will give to us. To lay at his feet everything that is troubling us. This is time to lift up blessings of answered prayers. And this is only the beginning.


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