Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ball park fashionista's

So R7 had a baseball tournament out of town. Well it is in another town but it is only about 40 minutes away and my sister in law lives there. So we called her to see if she and her family wanted to come watch.

Upon her arrival the first thing I noticed was this really cute white shirt she had on. Mind you my sister in law looks cute in just about anything. She has great fashion sense even if some of her outfits are on the wild side. Anyway next I noticed my niece who also had on a white shirt and black shorts. When they got to where we were standing my niece said that we all matched. All three of us had on some sort of white shirt with black trim and black capri's. We didn't even plan it. I guess it just runs in the family. Well then my mother in law shows up and she to had on a white t-shirt and black capri's. It was really funny to see all of us sitting together in the bleachers with our matching outfits.
I really wish I had my camera but it was at home, I had forgotten it.

So my mother in law looks at us and says that she has rubbed off on us. Sister just looks at me and at the same time we both say oh no we have rubbed off on you. No way are we going to let her think she has fashion sense, she's old and you know how old people dress. Just kidding.

It was fun to have everyone there. We even managed to stay away from the concession stand. Woo Hoo. Gotta run R3 just got into some fire ants. You know toothpaste is great for ant bites. It takes the sting right out.

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