Monday, May 12, 2008

Crazy times

Can someone tell me why the end of the school year is so darn crazy! It seems every year the end of school gets more complicated. R7 has two weeks left and it is total chaos at my house. Not to mention the money tree in the back yard is just about bare.

Just this week alone we have a two baseball games, a talent show, and field day. Then next week we have two more baseball games, end of school class party, and a water gun fight. Woo Hoo!

It seems the end of the year costs just as much money as the beginning of the year. Everyone asking for money for this event or that party. UGH! I don't mind $5.00 here or a couple of dollars there. But I get completely frustrated when the class mom send home a note asking for $30.00.

I feel like I deserve an itemized list of what my money will be spent on since we won't be in need of any new crayons. It should be kind of like a credit card statement. Here your statement R7's mom. See where all your money went.

*$10 for the teacher gift. (remember there are at least 18 kids in this class)

*$12 for junk toys and a bucket for said toys for each child in the class.

*$8 for the pizza party for the entire class.

Service Charge:

Oh and by the way could you please send snacks for the class we are running low, there goes another $10.

All of this coupled with R3 and his "Tube Day" is making me totally crazy. I may need another day all to my self and call it Mother's Day 2.

Hubs, here is my official notice, I am taking off on Sunday. You will find me at the spa.

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