Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A catchers story

I must brag. R7 has his best game by far this season! He was on fire last night. Every one was fielding and hitting great. His whole team was dead on to. And I must say when we are on watch out.

R7 is the catcher. This is a hard position to play. You must be in the game all the time. No time for mind wandering here. 100% concentration all the time. I thought for sure this would be a hard thing for my child. He like to talk to his friends as they get on base or just do what ever while waiting for a play at short stop or second base. He is his mama child, he likes to talk.

But he is doing terrific at this new position. He is focused and baseball ready. Last night's game was exciting. I know it sound crazy to be getting this into a baseball game for 7 and 8 year olds but the dad's are worse than me. So I have a little room to talk.

R7 made some awesome plays at home last night but three really stand out. Twice the infield over threw the shot home and R7 jumped in the air and caught the ball and got the runner out as he as coming home. The third time it was thrown just right of home plate and he ran for the ball, got it, made a sweep motion to the left and tagged the runner out. It was a great play. I was screaming like the nut that I am!

Every time R7 walked past the spot where I was sitting he would just smile. He was proud of himself and I was proud for him.

Everyone was cheering. And with that play the inning ended and all of the coaches were patting all the kid on the back. That is one thing I love about our coaches. They praise all the kids not just the ones doing good but even the ones that struck out or missed the ball. Everyone gets a pat on the back. After the game was over the coach told them he was proud of them. They played hard and gave it their all.

I knew R7 was feeling pumped about the job he had done because when he got in the car, he gave his dad and I a replay of the game. Funny, wasn't that the game I just saw? I loved it though. I know he won't be this little for long so I am going to soak it up.

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