Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The scooter story

R3 loves to ride his scooter all over the place. And since we do not have any carpet in our house at the moment, I am letting him ride it in the house.

I know crazy mom but it goes along with the one month to live thing. His face lights up and his eyes get big as he rounds the corner from the living room to the kitchen. He drags his foot behind him as if to steer and he slide right into the kitchen. He then give a great big belly laugh and I just love it!

He does realize that when the new paint is complete and the new carpet is put in he will no longer be allowed to ride his precious scooter in the house. It will become an outside toy.

This past Saturday, I was taking R8 to the football mentor program our school district offers. It is really a cool program. The younger kids get to work out and practice with the varsity football team on Saturday mornings for an hour. The program is called future (insert school mascot name). It give the younger ones a chance to see the guys they look up to in action.

Anyway we had to be there at 10:30 AM and it was the first day. Hubs was already there so I loaded up the boys and off we went.

So I thought. I started to back out of the garage and heard CRUNCH CRUMBLE GRIND.

Great I thought, the brakes are going out. Nice, and I am in a hurry. But being just that, I continue on my way. And I would tell Hubs about it when I got there.

I continue backing out and hear SCRAAAAPPPP!!!

So I slam the SUV in park and jump out and take a look. I didn't see anything behind or beside my car. But low and behold when I looked under I saw R3's scooter in a mangled mess.

He decided to park his scooter behind my car while it was getting gas as he calls it. I don't even remember him putting it there because lately it has been in the house.

I will at this point admit I didn't retain my cool. I lost it. Started to yell about toys being left out. We were going to be late. So on and so forth. I was also trying to figure out how in the world I was going to get the scooter out from under the car.

I tried to move the car forward but it was still stuck. I then realized the scooter is jammed into the part of the car where the metal thingy comes off of the car body (yeah I know my car terminology) and the tires then attach to it.

Anyway it was jammed, stuck, not moving. I am still having my yelling fit when I think OK I'll just jack up the car and it will fall out and then we can get going.

I get the jack, line it up in the proper place and proceed. My dad taught me how to change a flat tire when I got my drivers license eons ago and today it would serve me well. I tell the boys, DO NOT MOVE! I get the car jacked up and get a shovel and wiggle the scooter free.

It falls to ground and I move it out of the way and lower the car back down. I look at the stupid scooter and the only thing bent is the main column. It's bent not even broken. R3 probably could still ride it but I didn't want to chance it. So I pushed it to the side and off we go to Future ####S.

I get there, 10 minutes late and walk into the coaches office and the first question I am asked by another coach is do I work on any other type of vehicle. Another coach says his wife wouldn't even know where the jack is located let alone know how to use it. So score one for this coach's wife.

Not only does this wife know how to change a flat. I can change brake pads, bleed the brakes, check the oil, add washer fluid, and change spark plugs. Even using the spark plug gage to measure the gap.

Well once Future ####S was over we headed into town and R3 got this brand new Harley Davidson scooter.

This new scooter comes complete with flashing lights and motorcycle sound. Happy Motoring R3! DO NOT PARK IT BEHIND MY CAR!


The Charm House said...

You are such a good, cool mom. LOL I am laughing so hard I can't stand it!!! Only to you could this happen to! I know he loves his new scooter.... and I am glad everybody is fine and you learned a new skill!!! LOLOLLOLOLOLL
PS Maybe you can teach me one day... not.....

Anonymous said...

How could you forget what par tof the car that is. It is the "HUB"s.