Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A new mascot

I got work yesterday morning to find a dog sitting in my temporary office. My office is still under extensive renovations from the damage it sustained during Hurricane Ike.

The dog belongs to my boss. Madeline is a very sweet but very large dog. She is a Mastiff to be exact.

It seems that Madeline and his other dog are not getting along well these days and they are fighting to the point where they are hurting each other. Keep in mind Duchess, the other dog, is a St. Bernard. Crazy I know.

I liked having Madeline around. She would wander all around the office only to come back to where my desk was.

She would come stand by me until I would pet her and then she would go lay down. Occasionally she would pick her head to see if I was still there and then lay right back down.

I have joked all day about Madeline becoming our company mascot.

I have it figured out. My boss could bring her for the day and then bring her home at night.

The only things we would need to establish would be the following:
1. I would be willing to walk Madeline but only on beautiful days.
2. I would give doggy treats on a regular basis.
3. I would make sure she has enough water.
4. I would pet her often.
5. And most important. I will not clean up any doggy bodily functions of any kind!!!

But I would really love to have her here during the day.


Jules from "The Roost" said...

Those dogs are so beautiful! I bet it is fun having her around but I don't blame you on the clean-up thing!

Genny said...

I just saw a Mastiff puppy the other, so cute!

Unknown said...

I think she should definitely become the mascot! I am hoping she can! Don't give in. Keep putting pressure on the boss : )! What kind of job do you do? Your company needs a mascot, whatever it is!