Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've got nothin'

Hi y'all!

Well that's about all I have. I've got nothing else.

I am in need of a bloggy break. I feel I keep posting about the same stuff. Everything seems to be hurricane related. Things before the hurricane, things after the hurricane.

Seems I can't get past it. So I am going to take a few days off. Oh don't think I won't be reading your blogs, you interpeeps are to much fun for me to stop completely. I just need some rejuvenation.

I should be back Monday and hopefully have some new stuff to blog about.

Have a great week/weekend everyone. See ya!


Jules from "The Roost" said...

Have a great rest but we LOVE hearing about your life the good the bad the hurricane!

The Charm House said...

Just know that we are going to miss you.... Have a great long break!!! My creative spirit is booming right now, so I'm artsy! Thank goodness, I am trying to get everything ready for my neice's baby shower!!!!! Pink and Black will dominate my room!
Love you and rest my child in God's arms!

Unknown said...

I love everything you blog about. I mean, hello, a HUGE & TRAUMATIC thing just happened in your life. If it happened to me, it's all I would talk about too! I just talk about Kaishon on my blog. Sometimes I think I need a new subject! But then he goes and does something silly or hilarious again and I know, just know, that people would want to know about it : ). Right? Probably not! Hope your break is WONDERFUL! God bless!

Beachy Mimi said...

Have a nice "little" rest but we expect to see you on Monday. I LOVE your posts and hearing everything about your life. I am so amazed by your courage and positive attitude throughout this whole hurricane ordeal. You have exhibited grace throughout and are quite an inspiration!