Friday, October 17, 2008

A change

Wednesday on my way to pick up the boys I was talking to my friend T and telling her all of the details about the rain pouring in my living room.

She too had some damage to her house from Hurricane Ike so we swap stories of what is going on in the repair process.

The next thing she told me totally caught me off guard but touched me so much.

She said, I have watched you grow spiritually so much in the passed six months but more in the past month. You have changed, in a good way.

T then told me you know Satan in on your butt. He doesn't like what you are doing. He doesn't like that in the midst of all the house drama and Hubs going to the cardiologist (that is another post) I am turning towards God for direction. I am leaning on him completely and resting in the comfort only he provides.

The devil is trying so hard to break me from the hold that Jesus has over me, and he is failing. I can feel deep inside God's love covering me. I can feel his presence just when I think I can't do this anymore. He shows me I can.

It was great to know that someone sees the work Jesus is doing in my life. It was even nicer that she told me. It blessed me more than she will ever know!

Oh, and Satan....Bring it on, I've got God on my side!

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Unknown said...

I will pray for you : ). I am so glad God is working in your life and you have a lovely friend to walk along side you while he is working! Aren't friends the best?