Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring

Literally, right into my house.

I went home yesterday around noon to find 2 inches of water standing in my living room pouring in from the nice hole that Hurricane Ike left in my ceiling.

Tuesday, The Blue Roof Program, sponsored by the Army corp of engineers, came out to re-tarp my roof. (Brother in law and his father put a tarp on right after the hurricane)

I should have listened to my gut feeling and said no, but I thought they would just tarp over ones that were already in place.


They pulled the other ones off and replaced them with theirs.

Well they didn't work! You know sometimes I like the sound of water, like at the beach or in a fountain, but not in my living room.

So in my panicked state, I called Hubs and told him to come home immediately. Then I called the contractor, who just happened to have crew in my neighborhood and said he would send them over.

I put a trusty Rubbermaid under Niagara Falls and then go get the Shop-Vac and start to suck up all the water.

While I am doing that, the contractors are in the back yard assessing how they are going to get up on my roof, in the rain, and fix the problem.

About that time a rep with the Army corp of engineers walks up and states he is here to inspect the work done and to see if I am satisfied.

UH NO I AM NOT SATISFIED and the work wasn't done by any one with engineering skills. I then proceed to show him the inside of my house. He is in complete shock! He asked if he could take a few photos for documentation and then states they will fix the problem immediately.

I'm OK with fixing it now. So up go a crew of four workers on my roof to fix the problem they didn't fix in the first place.

Now my roof is completely engulfed in a blue tarp, not a brown shingle to be seen.

And even better, as soon as they finished, it poured down rain. Sheets and sheets of rain were pounding my roof but not one drop came in.

I only wish they could have done that the first time.


Unknown said...

Wow. I don't know if I could have handled this as well as you. I think I would have been FREAKING OUT! At the top of my lungs. And there might have been some tears flying as well... Praying for you!

The Charm House said...

Ya'll come live with us in Georgia!! We only have a tornado every once in awhile.... The kids would love it here... Come on over!

Theresa said...

Oh Wow!

I just hate it when rain gets in the house!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Girl, you have been through it all! I am SO sorry! MY WORD!! Praying for you today for sure.

Beachy Mimi said...

Well, I guess you are blessed that they came back to fix it before the second big rain.
You poor thing. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.