Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello? Is anyone still there?

Hi y'all, I'm back with some stories to tell.

Oh people the past four days have been a complete whirlwind.

Let me just say that I have put in my football game time. I mean I went to a football game Thursday night and Friday night. I have fulfilled my coaches wifely duties by attending at least one game this season. Because anyone that knows me knows I don't like football. I will repeat it for those in shock. I don't like football. I really hope I did not offend anyone and the three of you who read this blog will continue to do.

It was homecoming. I didn't even graduate from this school but Hubs has been a coach there F-O-R-E-V-E-R! I really don't mind, I usually end up having fun.

So the boys and I loaded up on Thursday and went in support of Hubs and then we went Friday night because R8 got to run through the mascot tunnel with the varsity players.

So let me just start by saying that I am human and I make mistakes, BIG HUGE mistakes. Because what I did at the football game Friday night was not pleasant.

T, if you are reading this, I am sorry if I offended you and embarrassed you. I truly did not mean for that to happen.

OK on to what happened, sort of.

R3 had to go to the potty so we get up, trip over everyone, apologize to everyone as I step on their feet. Down we go, take care of business, and back up to apologize again for stepping on their feet.

This time there is a couple with their two children sitting in front of us and the man is leaning back in his stadium seat. Leaning so far back that R3 got sandwiched between his chair and the bleacher.

I tapped the man on the shoulder and asked him if he could please move his chair so R3 could get his legs unstuck.

OK here is where it gets ugly and I do mean UGLY!

The woman turns around and yells at me "THE BABY IS SLEEPING!!!!!"

Hello?! My child's legs are stuck. Hello? All I asked was if he could move his stinkin' chair. Well then she stuck her finger in my face and proceeds with her rant. And now I will just let your imagination run wild.

I will say this, we made it till the king and queen were announced. Then I leaned over and apologized to this other woman and we left. I didn't even give her a chance to say anything.

So please tell me I am not the only one in the whole entire world to try and protect my child and in the process get in some sort of shall I call it a "discussion".

Please tell me. I really need to know.

I didn't want to tell this woman I was sorry but I felt is was the right thing to do and the adult thing to do. Because for about 14.8 seconds, I wasn't the adult.


The Charm House said...

Hey Girlfriend!!! I was afraid that you were not out there!!! LOL I just checked your blog a few minutes ago. Anyways and Anywho... I need your address again to get these tiles off!! And glad you liked the invite too! They are leaving this morning, my hand is cramped from all those bows! I just finished the garland too and it is so awesome. I can't wait to post it, but it has to be after the 22nd. And there will be a day when we will be together! Dancing!
New Song I love~ Check it out on my blog Revelation Song!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

You are such a goober love :) I was in no way, shape or form offended. I only hope I didn't start the mess by trying to protect our little R3. I am sorry if I made you feel bad or upset. I love you and would stand by you no matter what. She was at fault, not you and you are indeed the bigger person