Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Shopping

Earlier in the week a good friend of mine C called and asked me to go summer clothes shopping with him and and his daughter, S because they are going on vacation next week. I love to do this. Being that I have boys I jump at the chance to check out all the cute girl clothes. S is 7 and is such a girlie girl. I had been in Target some time earlier and just browsed at all the girl things.

So I arrived at Target on Saturday at the scheduled time and before I knew it, my basket was full. They had some great things. If you have girl between 5 and 9, then drive fast to Target. But not to fast you get a speeding ticket.

I found a great flower tee and this shirt. These are cute capris and so are these. I found this sundress. These are just some and do mean some of the things C bought. I picked out, because lets just say he is girl clothes challenged. S kept calling me her personal shopper.

We did so well at Target that we didn't even get to the mall. Oh the shame in that.

S ended up with 14 outfits, 2 swim suits and a 3 pairs of sandal / flip flops. This girl is ready for vacation. I loved it because I realized I didn't do any damage to my bank account. C is my kind of man. Yes to everything I picked out while handing me his credit card.

I hope they have as much fun on vacation as I did shopping.

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