Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let's get physical

Had I known I was even going to post about this subject I would have taken a before picture. But as it is I only have the after shot.

I got home yesterday afternoon and told Hubs, I think I am going to mow the lawn.

Usually I just offer to mow the lawn when I have a had a really stressful day and need some sort of stress reliever. But not today, I just felt like.

The thing is the riding lawn mower currently has a flat and I didn't want to take time to air up the tire so I got out the push mower. Keep in mind it is a self propelled push mower, I'm crazy but not that crazy.

I must say it felt good to get out there and get some sort of exercise. Does pushing a lawn mower in 164* weather count as exercise? I was sweating buckets so in my eyes it does but some might say no.

Anyway, when I got done I took a huge drink from the glass of Gatorade that Hubs brought to me and stood to admire my work.

There is always something therapeutic about working in the yard or a on project and seeing the end result. I guess it's the instant gratification thing.

Here is the after shot. I just gave my self a pat on the back. Good job mom, good job.

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