Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boys of summer

I know I am sorry that my posts are all summer theme lately. I will try, I am not going to promise, and mix it up a bit in the near future.

Last night was R7's last regular season ball game. And 1. It was hot! and 2. Every time he threw his catchers mask off his little face was bright red and covered in sweat! YUK! And his hair was dripping. Gross

So I have decided that it is time for the "summer hair cut" R7's hair is very thick and I keep it cut short anyway but summer means even shorter. R3's hair is very blond and thin so I have to keep his a little longer or else he looks bald.

I love the way the boys look right after they get their hair cut. Yes ma'am I am a clean cut kinda girl. I like the short side burns and clean neck. I tend to get a little OCD when the boys hair gets to long and raggedy looking.

We tried to grow R7's hair last year and I just about had a nervous break down. His hair just kept getting bushier and bushier instead of straight and longer. Needless to say we made a trip to get his hair cut about 6 weeks into the grow out phase.

I think if I had girls they would either be bald or have a never ending pony tail. Thank God for boys!

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