Monday, June 9, 2008

Did you know my head was going to explode?

I had such a terrible headache Friday all day long. It actually woke me up early Friday morning, at 3 AM to be exact. It felt like some one had taken a sledge hammer and smashed the back of head.

I took several doses of Advil. But to no avail - no relief. I went to work with my head in a fog. Probably not a good thing to do on a payroll day. But I made it through.

I found something out about myself while dealing with the feeling of my brain pounding to the rhythm of my pulse. I didn't turn on the radio in my office all day. I sat in total silence while I waded through payroll and a list of about 15 other things that I had to do today.

I love my music and I always have my radio on. So for me to not have it on that is major. I actually enjoyed the quite. It gave me time to completely concentrate on the tasks in front of me. Instead of bobbing my head to the song playing and trying to work . And better, I completed over half the list before lunch.

My list never seems to end but I knocked it down with only two things left unfinished. Amazing.

My headache finally left. After Hubs and I realized that I hadn't had any caffeine for two days! I wasn't trying to eliminate this from diet, I was just trying to drink more water. Thank goodness we figured it out because I didn't think I could take much more of feeling like my head was about to explode.

I am ready now to turn on the music and start my day!

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