Friday, June 6, 2008

The McPherson Family

My friend S and I have known each other since we were in sixth grade. Ouch, I am old. We lost touch with one another not to long after we went off to college. We have reconnected and I am so glad that we. She has three beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband.

Tragedy struck last week with their youngest daughter E. She was viciously attacked by a pit bull dog.

She was in the hospital but is now home. Thank you God!

E required a pediatric surgeon to reattach the bottom of her nose to her face. There are multiple puncture wounds and lacerations. The dog fractured E's bottom jaw in the front. She had to have a metal rod inserted to hold her jaw in place and to hold in two of the three teeth which were knocked out.

While this animal ravaged E's face her sister A10 stood there helplessly screaming. Older sister A16 came to her rescue.

I am asking for prayers for this family. They each have a long road ahead of them. E will require numerous surgeries to correct the damage. A10 is having a rough time. A16 is amazing. She handled her self with the composure of an adult.

Please pray for healing. Pray for comfort. Pray for the doctors in the future. Pray the alignment of their finances. Pray for the family of the dog owner. Pray for all who are involved.

Just pray.

Thank you.

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Genny said...

This is so sad. How terrifying. I will keep them in my prayers.