Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No need to call the police, it's just my kids

Yesterday evening the boys and I went out side to play for a while. R3 wanted to draw with sidewalk chalk and he wanted me to site down and draw with him.

My first thought was it is to freakin' hot to be out side. (see previous post) and my second thought was if I sit down on the drive way will the skin on my legs be burnt off. I wasn't worried about the hair, because that means I wouldn't have to shave my legs.YES! Well I threw caution to the wind or lack of wind and sat down.

And now the underside of my legs are now a nice toasty brown color. I guess I either need to use Neutrogena Summer Glow Daily Moisturizer (by the way this stuff is awesome!) or go lay out in the sun for a few hours to even out my color.

Anyway back to my point.

The drive way now looks like a combination of several things. A few race car tracks, butterflies, bubble letters, helicopters, and the outline of several bodies.

Yes my driveway looks like a crime scene. Whatever I was thinking when I traced the bodies of my boys in the drive way is beyond me. Any minute I am expecting the crime lab to show up and put up the tape that says "POLICE CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS"

I am thinking about getting the hose and washing it off or having R7 and R3 color in the outline. But then the thought of my neighbors thinking something crazy happened is kind of appealing. Sick huh?

Oh well we all need a little summer craziness every now and then.

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