Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Mighty Mississippi

Where do I even begin.

Yesterdays thunder storms brought a river flowing right into my office. Yes it did. I thought the Mississippi River had gone over the bank and found her way into my office.

It rained so hard water started to come up through the hard wood floor. And it drained from my office right into the lobby. Nice, huh?

So I called my boss and told him he might want to come check out my office and see the new water feature I had added while he was out.

Little did I know what would ensue after that call. I am now out of my office and I no longer have a floor and several sheet rocked walls are missing.

The boss did mention something about me wanting a new desk and this was not the right way to go about getting one. I just laughed and told him since were getting me a new desk anyway I thought my office needed a little remodeling.

So after the start of the demolition he asked me to come and check out the new fish tank in his office. Yup you got it. His office had water in it also,

One whole corner looked like a small pool. But what got me was the smell. Unless you have had your nose hairs scarred by the smell of mildew you have no idea how bad the smell really is. Thank goodness my office had hard wood floors because the carpet was NASTY!

So we will be doing a small remodeling job here at the ark. We are going to hopefully get rid of the sea legs and keep her permanently tied to the shore. But in the mean time my office will be in the front lobby and I will be the new hostess for the work love boat.

Love boat, exciting and new. Come aboard we're expecting you....

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