Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer sandal pledge

Oh interpeeps the distress I have been in after a recent trip to the mall. Y'all, I am afraid that some of us could use a little reminding of the summer sandal rules. The shame in what I saw. Down right pitiful, pitiful I tell you.

The Summer Sandal, Open Toed Shoe Pledge.

Raise your right hand and repeat after me....

I promise to always wear sandals that fit my feet. My toes will not hang over the front nor will my heal spill over the back. The sides and tops of my feet will not pudge out between the straps.

I promise to go the the salon at the beginning of the season and have a real pedicure. They are not expensive and worth every penny.

If I do not have time for a pedicure, I promise to sand down the mounds of skin before they harden and turn colors.

I will go polish free or vow to keep my polish fresh, intact and chip-free. (No touch ups or painting just your big toe)

I will NOT wear pantyhose with my sandals.

I will inform those who say it is OK to wear hose with sandals other wise.

If a strap breaks, I will toss the sandal in the trash!

I will not live in corn denial; rather I will lean on my good friend Dr. Scholl

I promise if I wear flip flops that I will ensure they actually flip and flop. NOT slide or drag my feet.

Good luck in keeping the vow of your pledge, sisters. Please keep this letter as a reminder of the vow you have just taken. If need be we will form a support group.

Happy summer sandal wearing!

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