Friday, June 20, 2008

I just had to tell y'all

I know there are some subjects that well we just don't talk about here in bloggy land but I just had to tell y'all.

So last week I had well you know my annual "female" check up. I will not go into the details because

1. Every woman knows the details and I am sure she has told her husband so he to knows the details.
2. I'm not one to talk about that kind of thing anyway, to personal.

But as I was paying the young perky cashier for said visit she asked if I wanted to go ahead and schedule my appointment for next year. So I reply with yes, please. She then checks the calendar and says Dr. S is booked up till September of next year, next year people. We haven't even reached September of 2008 and she is booked till 2009.

OK so she made the appointment and then a blue light on top of her computer went off. Just like the ones at K-Mart announcing a special.

The same young perky cashier says I noticed that you will be turning "40" next year would like me to ahead and schedule your mammogram appointment too?

OK now that you have asked the question you can turn the blue light off little miss perky. My reply....huh shhhhurrre.

So now the young perky cashier hands me my receipt and my next appointment card and with a huge smile tells me to have a great day and we look forward to seeing you next year.

I really wanted to slap her with my purse, in true old lady fashion. But I didn't want to knock her out with all my bottles of medication that I carry. Because you know all old ladies carry their medication in their purse.

Thank you, thank you very much.

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