Friday, October 26, 2012

Reasons Why I Am Not Mom Of The Year

A list if you will...

1. I didn't bring my camera to the football game and I missed the picture of A) R1 as captain. B) R1 playing both offense and defense in the 3-4 quarter of last nights game. C) R1 making a tackle last night. and D) R1 making a fumble recovery. DANG IT!

2. I forgot to pack R1 a towel to dry off with after his shower after football practice. 

3. I forgot to pack R2's glasses in his back pack. 

4. I didn't do laundry for a few days and R1 ran out of sleeping shorts. 

5. I told both boys on Tuesday night they could not snuggle me. I wanted a good nights sleep. Sad thing is I think I slept terrible.

6. I washed R1's cell phone in the washing machine. I my defense, he didn't take it out of his pocket. 

7. That's enough...

Y'all have a great weekend.   


Mari said...

Some weeks are like that. Next week you can be mom of the year!

Marian said...

Well. I am out of the running, too. I sent our older son to school without his Halloween costume for the after-school Halloween Bash. Then I sent our younger son to school on Picnic Day with no picnic lunch. All in the same week. Both of them were so sweet when I apologized for my mistakes that I felt even worse. (I appreciate the sweetness and forgiveness, but I really deserved to be on the receiving end of some tears and a fit or two...)

{amy} said...

You're not alone. I think I've been out of the running since mid-January, if not sooner! ;)