Monday, October 1, 2012

Meatball sandwichs

The other day I was looking around on Pinterest. To be honest, I hadn't been on it in a while and I was really looking for something that I had pinned some time ago. 

But when I went to the site, these meatball sandwiches just popped out at me. So I pinned them thinking this would be a quick easy meal for sometime in the future. Little did I know it would be the near future. 

I was telling Hubs about them and he said that sounded like a great meal to try out Sunday night. So guess what we had last night for dinner...

Meatball sandwiches. And they were yummy! Thanks Pinterest.


Mari said...

I didn't find the recipe on Pinterest, but it's a favorite at our house too - and easy!

Brooke said...

Never thought of that, but i have all the necessary ingredients. i'll have to add it to our October menu!