Monday, October 8, 2012

It Was A Banner Weekend

Well out weekend started out with one of us down for the count. 

R2 stayed home from school on Friday. He was complaining his stomach hurt and he had that glassy eyed look as well. By that afternoon he was running a low temp. And of course there is always some kind of virus going around at school so I figured it was just a 24 hour thing. 

WRONG! And this is where I will have to give back my mother of the year trophy. 

R2 then started coughing. The deep wet hacking kind of cough. And his fever never went a way.  I should have taken him to urgent care on Saturday. But I didn't. Saturday morning we had a children's event planned at church and since I am the children's director I needed to be there. And to make it worse Hubs was in charge of games. We ended up tagging teaming so we each could spend some time at the event. 

It all went down hill Saturday night. R2 coughed and snorted all night long. And to make it worse every time he coughed he woke him self up. Saying it hurt and he couldn't go back to sleep. By the time Sunday morning came around I knew I was heading to Urgent Care as they opened at 8AM. 

R2 and showed up at Urgent Care at 8:07AM. Diagnosis...Strep and a sinus infection. One prescription for Amoxicillin and 55 minutes later we were headed home. And as of Sunday night he is still down for the count. To top it off, he was in the bathroom taking a bath and the next thing I know he is screaming he needs me. I go check on him and he is puking. But the best was he was in the bathroom but had manage to miss the toilet. G-R-O-S-S! But I cleaned him and the bathroom up and moved on. 

Also some where in there when he was feeling better R2 and his brother, R1 and their dad, Hubs, decided to do a little show of what they learned this week at school. The art of straw flatulence.  The art of straw flatulence is where you take a normal drinking straw and put it under your arm, right in the pit, and begin to blow until it makes a sound like someone with a very severe case of flatulence. I can only assume it's because I like in a house full of boys that I did not find this gross but rather hilarious. I asked my boys where they learned this and R1 replied oh from Landon M. Oh that explained it all. He is one of four boys in his house. Along with a crazy dad who puts stuff on Facebook everyday that makes me laugh out loud. So it was no surprise when Landon's name was said. 

The other thing that happened over the weekend was Hubs made the most amazing gumbo! I mean it was his best yet. If you haven't ever had gumbo...1.) you are missing out. And 2.) If you've never had Hubs' gumbo then you are REALLY missing out. 

So as you can see it was a banner weekend in our house. The boys learned the art of straw flatulence, Hubs made gumbo, and R1 threw up while in the bathroom and missed the toilet. 

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Mari said...

What a weekend! Glad the boys are learning such skills. :)
Hope next weekend is healthier.