Thursday, October 4, 2012


Let me start by saying that R1 did not get hurt last night, He played well. So prayers answered. And we also got our butts handed to us. 

But the opposing teams fans...OBNOXIOUS!

There was no other way to describe it. We had some friends whose son played for the opposing team so I went over there to say hi and catch up a bit since we hadn't seen each other since baseball. And the whole time I was over there the parents were screaming and yelling and blowing air horns. Totally obnoxious! And the longer the game went on the worse it got.

I kept thinking 1. this is a jr. high football game and 2. hello, you are winning! Have you not looked at the score board?

I'm so glad our fans do not act like that.  

Oh and next week we play my niece and nephews team. My niece is a cheerleader and she said she would cheer to her side but then turn on to the field and yell GO R1! My nephew is a year older so we will actually get to sit and enjoy watching him play. 

And that's it for the football report. We got home at 9pm and I'm exhausted. So night peeps. Sleep well. 

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{amy} said...

I'm glad he didn't get injured! I know what you mean about obnoxious fans! Ugh!