Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yeah, I Still Don't Like It

Just so y'all know, I still hate the new blogger format. And I would really like to blame it for the reason I haven't been blogging or commenting as much. But that is only part of the reason.

And I was going to end it there but for some reason all this stuff in my head is just kinda spilling out and needs to be posted somewhere. So here it goes.

I admit it, I fell off the comment wagon. I love going to the blogs and I know I'm supposed to show some bloggy love and leave a comment, but..... I don't. I have no excuse, I won't even try to make one. It takes 3.8 seconds to leave a comment so why I don't has escaped me. 

Also life has kinda taken over here. School is back in which means homework. I don't really even know I mention this because Hubs is the one who usually helps the boys. He and boys get home before I do so they do what they can and they are almost always done by the time I walk in the door. 

Also R2's school work is requiring more attention. Y'all know he has dyslexia and that word is enough to make me twitch. Just kidding. No I'm not. Not because he has it but because of the extra work it takes to make sure he understands it and gets done with what he needs to do and then making sure it is correct. R2 has to work harder and has more to do than R1 ever did in the second grade. Positive side, we are getting through it. 

My English class is going well. I'm doing OK and have my first major test this week. We've had five quizzes and to be honest, I bombed one. Kinda got me discouraged but I bounced right back the next week and made a hundred. So I must have been off the other night. Also it doesn't help that we only have five questions and you also only have five minutes to take it.FIVE MINUTES. Twitch. So that's one minute per question. Twitch. So no pressure. Ha! I'm going to try and do my test this weekend. At least I have an hour and twenty minutes to take it. 

R1 has a big game Thursday. We are playing a school known for the their football program. And their 7th grade boys always look more like high school kids or grown men. So believe me when I say I'm covering R1 in prayer. I want him to have fun and win. But I want him safe and free from injury more. 

Well that's it, brain is empty.

Peace out!


Unknown said...

I have faith that you can do all things!!!

Mari said...

I'm not happy with the new format either.
As for commenting, I've not been so great either. When you follow several blogs it adds up, and life is busy!
PS - have you though about taking off word verification? Sometimes I have to try several times just to get my comment to post and occasionally I've given up. :)

{amy} said...

I don't always comment, especially if I'm behind. It's a lot to keep up with sometimes! I hope the game went well tonight!