Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Football Bug

Most of you have been around here for a while know that I'm not much of a football person. Baseball yes, Hockey yes, football not so much.

So this year R1 decided to play football. He has several weeks of practice under his belt along with two winning games. Two weeks ago I came home to find R1 and Hubs sitting in front of his computer watching the video of each one of R1's plays. They sat that way for over an hour. 

And then to top it off, football has also dominated the TV. The Texans, Florida, A&M, and other game they find on.

I'm so proud of him. It's gonna take some getting used to but I love watching him play!



Hubs said...

Florida State, Florida State. Never in my lifetime will we be cheering for Florida!

{amy} said...

I feel you on the whole "not much of a football person" thing, but I'm sure I'd enjoy it if Cody were playing! :)