Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The sickness of 2011 has returned

To start off, I was typing the title for the post and I put "The sickness of 2001 has returned". Really, I can't remember what I did last week, so how am I supposed to remember a sickness from 2001. If I was blogging back then I'm sure I could look it up, but alas I was not.

OK moving on.

Sickness has returned to our house. R1 is looks just so PIT-TI-FUL! He started feeling bad late Sunday night. Saying his stomach and head hurt. And his cheeks were flush. I took his temperature and gave him some Advil. Also, there has been a nasty stomach virus going around his school and I was just waiting for it to hit our house. I was following him around with a lined trash can, don't judge. I'd rather be able to pull a bag out of what we call in our house, the vomit can, than clean up my floor.

I can say now the stomach bug did not it our house but a sinus infection followed by a secondary infection has.

R1 stayed home from school Monday. He ran a low temperature all day and I kept him pretty well medicated. So when he woke up yesterday and his fever was 100.8, I medicated him again and sent him to school. I know I get "Mom Of The Year" for that one. But he said he felt OK. I figured that once he got moving and in his school routine he would be better.

WRONG! He made it exactly 8.4 seconds in first period before asking to go see the nurse. Where she promptly took his temperature and it read 101.3. See I told you 'Mom Of The Year". He called me at work to come and pick him up. While on my way to get him I redeemed part of my mom status by calling the doctor and making him an appointment.

Here is where I must say I love our pediatrician. I don't really like giving him my money, but he and his staff are wonderful!! Dr. H is fantastic. We never feel like a number and he always takes his time with us. He never rushes or pushes us out the door. He has the best bedside manner. We have been going to him ever since R1 was born.

Dr. H does the question and answer thing and then the exam thing. Saying he has a secondary infection and is now placing R1 on a 5 day antibiotic along with breathing treatments so his cough will continue to loosen and not turn into croup.

Side note: I took the boys for well visits to the ear, nose, and throat doctor last week. R2 was perfect and R1 had a sinus infection. This does not surprise me. Hello we live in Southeast Texas and it's been so dry and the ragweed is running around rampant in the air, hence R1's first infection. Dr. J gave us two prescriptions to help.

And now my counter looks like an aisle at Walgreen's.

R1 is currently taking the following drugs prescriptions/medications:

1. Nasonex, for those lovely Southeast Texas allergies
2. Zyrtec, see #1 for reason
3. Prednisone, to jump start the drying out of his nasal passages, only for 5 days
4. Azithromycin, for the secondary infection
5. Albuterol, to help with the coughing, really as needed
6. Robitussin, for his coughing
7. Advil or Tylenol as needed for fever.

See told you I have half of Walgreen's pharmacy department in my kitchen.

Oh and I have completely redeemed my self as "Mom Of The Year". I stopped on our way home and got R1 some Wonton Soup from our favorite Chinese food place. And we snuggled on the couch and watched movies. I made sure he was comfortable and had all of his medication, on time too.

R1, I hope you are feeling better soon!! I love you.


Brooke said...

sounds awful!!!

Mari said...

It's so awful when your kids are sick. Hope he is better soon.
PS - you are a great mom! :)

{amy} said...

SO not fun!! I'm sorry he's going through crazy sickness! :( But you redeemed yourself! ;)

{& how are we just now fb friends?!}