Monday, January 11, 2010

Still Reflecting

Over the past week I have still been reflecting. But this time I have been thinking of my youth.

Thinking of all the things I used to do as a kid. Such as...

Riding my bike with my friends all around our neighborhood without a care in the world.
Spending the night with my grandparents and then going to eat McDonald's in the morning.
Playing at the playground until the lights came on at the apartment complex across the field.
Going to the swimming pool, staying all day and only going home to eat lunch.
Riding mopeds to the 7-11 to get candy.
Coming home after school and then going to Debbie's to babysit.
Going roller skating on Friday nights, Saturday's and Saturday nights.

All that doesn't even put a dent into what else I have been remembering.

But I have been thinking would I let R1 or R2 do these things in today's world. Sadly probably not. And those were some great times for me.

Things are different today than they were 30 or some odd years ago. How my parents did it, I will never know.

So since I'm reflecting, what are some of your best memories as a child? What as the most fun you had?


Brooke said...

one year my mom let us go to the beach with my grandparents. we bought new kids on the block necklaces and i fell asleep wearing mine. my sister woke me up as she was trying to take it off me. 13 years old and she was worried that her annoying little sister would choke

cfoxes33 said...

As a kid, I loved 1)to play in our front yard, which was very close to the street. 2)walking in the cemetary across the street with my dad, and rolling down the hill like a barrel. 3)playing in the barns with my cousins at my grandparents farm.