Monday, January 18, 2010

Runaway Bunny and Good Night Moon

Right now R1 is knee deep in baseball practices. He has practice three times a week. He's been great about keeping his commitment to playing and going to practices. He has only complained once and he was sick so he had a valid reason.

But in all of this practicing, R2 has been doing one of two things staying home with Hubs or myself or being drug out to the ball field or batting cages.

So yesterday I decided it was time for a treat for him. I took him and my niece to see a production of "The Runaway Bunny" and "Goodnight Moon".

It was only an hour long as was completely kid friendly. The company from Canada has being this traveling production for over a year and it did not disappoint.

I enjoyed both but my favorite was Goodnight Moon. They did such a wonderful job of bring the great green room to life. I'm sure it had something to do with the florescent lights and reflective paint they used on the set that just made it so awesome.

the kittens and mittens danced, the little red house had a party going on. The cow really did jump over the moon and the one of the three little bears sitting in chairs danced his way around the room.

But the best part was the little mouse. He climbed all over the fireplace, the walls, the bed, and anything else that his little mouse heart desired.

Hats off to the Mermaid Theater Company of Novia Scotia! Awesome job!!

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