Thursday, January 7, 2010

What to buy

R2 is getting ready to have a birthday. He will be the BIG 5 years old!

The good thing about him turning 5 is no more daycare!! Can I get a woo hoo!!!

And the bad thing is that it is right after Christmas and I always struggle with what to buyhim.

I feel sorry for people who's birthdays fall either right before Christmas or right after. I think they get a raw deal.

Anyway, I am on my game this year I have already booked R2's party and it's weeks away. Hubs and I decided to have his party at this place that indoor inflatables. We been to a few parties at this particular place and the kids love it.

My only problem now is what to get him? Any suggestions???


Brooke said...

my 5 year old niece asked for art supplies, but i don't know if girls and boys are into the same types of stuff at that age.

Hubs said...

A best Buy gift card.

cfoxes33 said...

My 22 year old step daughter's bday is December 24th and my mother's id December 3rd. Both the worst to have!