Friday, January 15, 2010

Last night Hubs had a basketball game so it was just the boys and myself.

I came home, cooked dinner, did a fast clean up and started some laundry.

After that I decided I wanted to try and "pass" at this parenting thing so I turned on the computer and put on some music.

The boys and I danced around the living room to Paramore, Weezer, Train (of course), and few other artists.

It felt wonderful to be silly and laugh and just be in the moment with them. Their smiles and giggles melted my heart and did my wounded spirit some good.

So much so I think we are going to do it again tonight!


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

See? You are a wonderful mom! Those are the things they will remember forever!!

Have a great weekend!

Lou Cinda

Hubs said...

Did you dance to "Pants on the Floor, Pants on the floor, lookin like a fool with your pants on the floor"

Brooke said...

tee hee - you need to let hubs know its pants on the ground! :P

sounds like yall had a blast!!